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​The Science & Technology Group, LLC (ST Group) was established in 2010 on the basis of a private laboratory owned by the AGIS company (Mequon, Wl ), which for several years had been involved in the development of the vibration-cavitation technology.  

Great scientific and industrial experience allowed the ST Group to quickly unite world level scientists who had already reached the outstanding scientific and technological achievements by confirming them through numerous publications, patents and real-world implementations. 

ST Group specializes in the development of innovative technologies that represent its intellectual capital in many priority directions of scientific and industrial fields:

- Hydrodynamics and vibratory–cavitation technology, hydraulic pumps and sprayers of liquids, and green bio and chemical technologies;

 - Aviation, Aerospace, Ground Transportation, Energy, Environment.

The specialists of ST Group have a variety of inventions in the field of new technologies and represent advisory services in following directions:

-Pulsing electrochemical technology for anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coatings;

- Physic-chemical methods for manufacturing structural materials, including thermo-resistive and conductive polymer/composite materials; -express methods and apparatus for emission spectral analysis of metals and alloys; -some others.

ST Group offers consulting services for conceptual and design phases of product and technology development in areas related to the fields and technologies listed above.

About Us

Oleg Lishanski
President of the Science &Technology Group, LLC
 MS in Physics\Computer Science, Inventor (12 patents in USA and USSR), Computer Technologies, International Business Management, 
Computer Database Management, Experience: 20 years
(224) 622-4823

Alexander Bolonkin
Doctor of Science, Professor of several Moscow Universities. He was involved in the soviet aviation/rocket industries being responsible for engine design, computation and reliability in civil and transport aircrafts (from AN-12 to AN-124) and rockets (RD-170). Those air-space-craft engines have widely been used in the world. Since 1988, Bolonkin worked as Senior Researcher for NASA (Dryden Flight Research Center), Write-Paterson (Ohio) and in the U.S. Air Force (Eglin Research Centers, Florida) and was a lecturer in NYU, NJIT and CUNY.
He is an author of more than 180 scientific articles and books, 17 inventions, the expert concerning space, aircraft, energy and environment protection.

Grigori Lishanski
Ph.D in Technical Physics, Inventor (103 inventions in the USSR and the USA, 72 articles), the author of new technologies of interaction of high and low temperature plasma with materials; author of methods of analytical spectroscopy of electrical plasma and equipment for recording of spectrums, and the author of a new class of pumps based on vibratory cavitation and bio-cavitation technology and other fields. Experience:  40 years.
(262) 238-0712​​

Lyubov Chigirinskaya 
Ph.D in Material Science, expert in metals, alloys, conducting materials, electrochemistry, protection structures against corrosion (4 patents, 100 publications). Experience: 35 years. 
(917) 587-7797

Yefim Blyakhman 
Doctor of Science in Physical Chemistry, inventor (148 patents, 167 articles), expert in organic and inorganic polymers synthesis, structure/properties investigation, materials development in aerospace, missiles production, electronics. Experience: 40 years.
(646) 468-9499​​

Mikhail Topchiashvili 
Professor, inventor, expert in polymers, polymer-ceramic materials, and their application in Power Engineering, Civil Engineering, Defense, other fields.
Experience: 45 years. 
(718) 836-2211

New Technologies
Offers and Consultation

Headed by Lyubov Chigirinskaya 
New Materials and Metal Corrosion Protection

The efficient heat-resistant polymer-composite materials

We have developed technology of producing composite materials based on laddered high-molecular weight silicon-organic polymers, special fillers and some additives that are able to withstand the simultaneous action of high temperature, high pressure and high level of radiation, and even the influence of low temperature plasma flow and the accidental lightning strike. 

All ingredients of those materials may be stored at the ambient temperature and assembled directly at the field by using traditional concrete technology. It could be used either for coating or for making shaped parts of required devices or special structures “on-the-fly”. 

Polymer-based materials as coatings for steel structures protection against corrosion 

By statistical data, just in the USA alone, corrosion yields annual loss of 40 billion dollars. We have great specialists and ideas on how to solve corrosion-related problems and use many advanced metallic and polymer-composite corrosion resistant materials. 

The materials have been produced and successfully implemented as plastics against vitriolic/acidic corrosion at elevated temperatures, thermal and weathering resistant coatings, for example, floor coating, linings in galvanic baths, apparatuses, flues, chimney stacks, and etc. at plants of Power Energy, Civil Engineering, Chemical and other industries.