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Aviation, Aerospace, Ground Transportation, Energy, Environment 

Headed by Alexander Bolonkin

We have researched and offered new methods of the cheaper supersonic
 and hypersonic flights which do not use an aviation fuel 
and save passengers in any critical situations.

Hoppycopter is a small knapsack helicopter for young people
and soldiers (US Patent6,234.422Bl,invented by A.Bolonkin)

Hoppycopter is a small knapsack helicopter for young people, for sportsmen, and soldiers It can be put on shoulder of man and allow people to fly with max speed 50 mph (80 km/h). in ceiling of 12.000 foot (4000 m), and range or 100 miles (160 km). Inventions of" Dr. A. Bolonkin allow to make his helicopter small and safe. These innovation-are new rotor and new system of safety, etc.

The Hoppycopter will use computer. It will be easy in control, has high safety and not expensive (about $5K each. Everybody, who drives car, is able to operate by this Hoppycopter.

Expenses for R&D is $1.5 Mil/ 2 years. Production cost is $5K, retail price is $8K each.  

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VTOL airplane (US 6,234,422 Bl, invented by A. Bolonkin)
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Helicopter can take off and landing on small area, but his speed and range is small ( 300 km/hour and 500 km correspondingly). Airplane has good speed up 800 km/hour) and range (2000 - 5000 km) but one has big take-off (1 - 2 km) and needs in airport (that is expensive).
We are familiar with the attempts to design VTOL aircraft inthe USA and other countries (for example Bell/Boing V-22). It has less than 50% of the performances of helicopters in hover and aircraft in flight. It does no have a high speed or range. It is very complex and doesn't have enough reliability. 
The last testing of V-22 shows that can not be used for loading and unloading of soldiers (and people) in hover regime, because the stream from rotors is very strong.The stream from rotor of our airplane is the same of that of helicopter. Expenses for R&D is $80 M for 4 years.
  Production cost is $8M, price is $12M each. 

                                                                                            Helicopter – car for everybody
                                                                                               US 6,234.422 Bl, Invented by A.Bolonkin

As known the cars are widely used in the World. There are about 100 millions of car owners in the USA. Every year the USA produces more than 9 millions new cars.

Inventions of Dr. A. Bolonkin allow to make safety helicopter - car which will be widely used in the of 21-st century. These innovations are new rotor, an new system of safety, etc. This helicopter - car will use computer. It will be easy in control, has high safety and will be not expensive (price is about $60K for each). It can run as car on streets and fly as a helicopter starting from small area or building roof. 

Everybody, who drives car, is able to operate this helicopter – car.
That will have fly speed about 300 km/hour, range 400-600 km, and can fly by shortest way.In XXI century the USA will need more than 1 million helicopter- car with 4 seats.
Expenses for R&D is $90 M in 4 years. Production cost is $50 K, and price is $80 K per each. 
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We performs the research of the non-rocket cheap space launch and flight; new propulsion systems; transferring electricity in space without wire; delivery asteroids to the Earth; living in space without space suit and many other topics.  

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Ground Transportation

Our research aims to developing the super speed magnetic transportation.

Magnetic conveyor system for moving objects in space.

Our proposed magnetic conveyor system (MCS) is intended for moving/ transporting various items (goods, cargo) and for use as a kinematic pusher mechanism for flying objects in both Earth’s gravity and space’s zero-gravity conditions.
Currently available designs of conveyors with electric motors are widely used within various industries, construction and other ground applications. They are powerful but very heavy, stationary and non-flexible.
In light of active space exploration, humanity has started to think about developing long-term space stations. Thus,various mechanisms and devices to facilitate working conditions of astronauts.


Our researches and offers: new cheap and powerful high altitude air rotors which produce cheap electric energy; a new rotor internal combustion engine which saves up 30% fuel; transferring energy from the USA to Europe (and back) without wires, and many others


US Patent 6,298,821 B1

The disclosed Bolonkin rotary engine has high energy efficiency
 and can be used as an internal combustion engine, a compressor,
 a pump, or as a motor working on compressed gas or liquid


An eccentric engine has been used for many different purposes, such as in a piston motor, in a steam engines in a compressor and pump. An eccentric engine include  
 purposes, such as in a piston motor, in a steam engines in a compressor and pump. An eccentric engine include two or more cylinders (s tat or and rotors) located one within other. The stator has two sections (compression 
 and expansion) and the rotor has slots and blades which are fastened at one end at a rod at a minimum of two symmetrically points about blade center. The blades can reciprocate in slots of rotor.


The company researches and offers the cheap inflatable transparency Domes. They allows to convert the cold, dry and desert regions into gardens and make irrigations without water (closed-loop water cycle); getting the cheap fresh water from atmosphere, and many others. 

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